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How to Lose Weight at Home Without Exercise

Losing weight is not an easy process, it takes a crap ton of dieting, exercise and dedication to get through the process. Worse, it takes a lot of time! Which is why losing weight at home without exercising is an even harder task to pull off, nonetheless, it is STILL possible to do it without exercise, it’s just a lot harder and a lot less healthy to do so, but this article can help you try it at least.

The first thing you need to do almost certainly is to cut out unhealthy carbs from your diet. This includes chips, sodas, cookies, brownies, any sort of high carb diet is bad for your overall health. The overall limit for someone is around 50 grams of total carbs and 35 grams for net carbs in a single day and less than 1200 calories a day for starters. Sounds harsh? Well without exercise you are kind of put in a dilemma here…

The second thing you need to try out is some protein and dietary supplements, these supplements are great for maintaining muscle mass (which can atrophy on a low carb diet) and building new muscle even if you work out only sporadically. Some can also help you break through a plateau, such as Garcinia Cambogia, understand what garcinia cambogia is all about with these reviews and read them to understand what they are and how to buy them.

The third thing is to try going beyond your way to increase your metabolism by increasing basal metabolic rate by increasing muscle mass. This requires quite a bit of exercise, but if you know beforehand it should be relatively easy to pull off without too much trouble. Try increasing muscle mass by at least 10 pounds, make sure to get adequate protein and the such.…

Is Cooking Rice in a Rice cooker Healthy?

In the fast-moving world, everyone is looking for a quick and effective shortcut. Working people find it very difficult to do cooking the traditional way, thus they prepared the ready to eat food. However, there are certain things that require to be cooked fresh in order to enjoy. Rice is among these things. You can fully enjoy rice if they cooked fresh.

The traditional way of rice can take ages, but thanks to the rice cooker, you can cook rice very efficiently. The foolproof cooking of a rice cooker allows you to get back to your work while the rice is cooked. There are numerous benefits of a rice cooker.

Health Benefits of Rice Cooker

Cooking rice in a rice cooker is healthy as there are no toxins involved. In addition, unlike conventional rice cooking, rice cooker ensures that every grain is cooked separately. Thus, no rice grain is overcooked.

Adding the right amount of water can be a vexing task, but thanks to the rice cooker, you can be at peace. Most rice cookers come with a measuring cup and lines indicating the amount of water you need to add.

Cooking different types of rice require different techniques, this can really stress you out. However, if you have a rice cooker, all you have to do is put the rice in and turn the machine on. Regardless of the type of rice you are using, the rice cooker will allow you to cook it to perfection.

Instead of heating the rice again and again in the microwave, which can be harmful to your health. You can use the keep-warm mode of the rice cooker. You can keep the rice warm for 20 minutes up to 12 hours depending on the model of the top quality rice cooker.

Since rice cookers come in numerous size, thus it allows you to cook the different amount of rice at one time. This can save you a lot of time, energy and stress especially when you are having a dinner at your place.…

Men’s Super Tips to Last Longer in Bed

You and your partner deserve your worlds to explode when you get intimate. It can be hard to match the tempo of the love of your life, especially since women take longer to reach climax. You do not want to finish first every time and leave her longing for more, unsatisfied. Here are a few tips to make you last longer in bed.

  • Experiment: Asking what works for both of you is always going to put a different spin on regular things. Look into adult toys, lingerie and if you find yourself thinking ‘this penis stretcher is very safe’, just get it. Eventually you will find out what works for both of you.
  • Shift your focus from the act: If you find yourself nearing climax, focus on something else. Stare into your partner’s eyes, look at her lips, focus on her body and give her attention. This may sound counterintuitive, however thinking about sensuous thoughts actually releases chemicals in your mind that relax your body and reduces anxiety, helping you to last longer.
  • Do more cardio workout: If you are not in the habit of exercising, then obviously you will find it harder to hold your breath and let go early. Cardio is not only good for your health, they increase your stamina. That means you can go longer without giving yourself a heart attack.
  • Pause for a while: Take a break in the middle of your love making session and do something else. Talk for a while, cuddle up to her, perform cunnilingus and tell your partner how beautiful she looks. This will change your mood, maybe even better your romantic life. When you are ready to finish, you will find out the pause just gave you a long second session.