Average Weight Loss In A Month

Today’s world is moving fast owing to the fast growing technology. Everyone wants instant solution and does not have patience to witness the slow change. They are expecting the same with weight loss. The fitness market is filled with lots of programs that claim to offer quick weight loss. These are not safe to follow as quick weight loss result does not sustain for long. A quick solution is acceptable if you are talking about a smartphone but not when it comes to weight loss. Fad diets that offer quick weight loss are generally unhealthy and make you feel hungry very often. They also make you gain weight fast.

Experts recommend losing from 1 to 2 lbs per week to be safe weight loss ratio. If you are not sure about following a diet plan on your own you can consider signing up for reliable weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc. All these programs recommend losing up to 2lbs per week to be safe and healthy. However, they differ in their weight loss plans and strategies. Following Nutrisystem does not require any doctor’s recommendation while Medifast requires as it proposes low calorie diet plan. You can read this article before choosing the diet program as it compares Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig programs.

So, now what is the magic number to keep it off forever? As per many health research centers and diabetic control centers losing from 1 to 2 lbs per week is considered to be safe and healthy. This implies that you can aim to lose from 4 to 8 lbs per month and is considered a healthy weight loss goal. To lose one pound of fat from the body you will have to create a shortfall of 3500 calories per week. This means you will have to intake 500 or 1000 calories fewer calories. Following a workout routine along with the diet will help in maximizing the weight loss result.

Common Mistakes That Will Sabotage a Healthy Diet

I will write this with my own experience. I have been in this place more too often and I think it is quite right to let the readers know out of my experience so that they have a real premise in their minds before they start to imagine that they are fictitiously imagining something a little too much for them.

A diet too restrictive is a no-no:

It all started when I wanted to lose weight and I started an extremely strict diet for myself. I was allowed only half of what I generally eat and exactly what I was never too passionate about eating. I had the best intentions in mind but one can understand when you want to accelerate the process so that you get there faster!

This is extremely counterproductive. Once you fall into this swift diet and very rigid diet plans, it is more than obvious that you will break your resolutions much faster than what you would when the diet was slightly more accommodative and relaxed.

Excluding natural sugars is like inviting doom:

Processed sugars must be avoided but you can allow yourself to eat a little every few days lest you do not start to get the withdrawal effect. Natural sugars in food like fruits must be consumed because the body treats them differently. Also, consumption of whole fruits is responsible for the fiber that your body needs for its metabolic activities.

Keep away from unhealthy options:

Keep the wrong foods at bay. Repeated looking at them sitting in jars can be very tempting. If you have people who are eating the wrong foods in front of you that can make your diet go kaapooshh.

I have tried and failed. This time thanks to all the information that I found on MOVOMOVO I intend to start an intelligent diet that will help me lose and in the long term. Wish me luck, please!