Top 10 Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Top 10 Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

A sex hormone that is associated with males, testosterone, has many important functions. It helps in the development of the bones and the muscles, hair growth, voice deepening, production of sperms etc.

Erection problems

Low testosterone levels make it difficult for a male to get erections. Testosterone helps to stimulate the penile tissues and this produces nitric oxide which causes some reactions that leads to an erection. With low levels of testosterone production, the man does not get an erection.

Reduction in bone mass

The testosterone helps in the production of the bone tissues and helps to maintain the bone volume. When the production of testosterone is low then it causes its reduction in volume and this leads to fractures in the bones.

The testicle size is reduced

A man who has low levels of testosterone notices a reduction in the size of his testicles and it also makes the scrotum to feel softer.

Reduction in semen amount

The semen is the fluid that the male ejaculates and it helps the sperm to reach the egg. The testosterone helps in the production of semen and when the semen levels are reduced, it could indicate a reduction in the testosterone hormones.

Sleeping difficulty

Those men who have low testosterone levels find it difficult to sleep

Reduction in the sex drive

A man experiences a reduction in sex drive when he has a low testosterone level.

Reduction in muscle mass

The testosterone plays a very important role in muscle mass development and when there is a reduction in the levels it causes a loss in the muscle mass.

Energy levels decrease

The energy levels decreases and one feels fatigued with low testosterone levels.

Increase in weight

Men who have a decrease in the testosterone levels increase in weight and some could also see an enlargement of the breasts.

Mood swings

Men who have low levels of testosterone may experience a lack of focus and feel depressed.

Low testosterone in men could cause some problems. Examine weight loss issues.

Here is how you can detect it if you suffer from low testosterone levels.

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